The way things are.

I like people who smile. I like people who know how to hold a conversation. I worry that I’m a conversational narcissist. I keep feelings and gists in my head, so I manically catalogue facts to try to keep hold of them. It makes me slightly scared that there’s so much to know. I get a buzz from linking people up with information they might like to know about. I get butterflies before uncertain situations. I often experience intense cringes over flashbacks. I like old-fashioned names. I spend a lot of time thinking up names for children I don’t have. I have had crushes that were debilitating. I love my husband. I wish my kitchen were my office. I’m happiest walking my dogs in the wildflower meadows in the valley near my house. I know I can’t do everything there is to do in the world. I’m 32. I like looking at things. I like open spaces. I’d always rather live in a house with a view. I don’t very often take a strong view. I guess I’m an aesthete. I am an early riser and a night owl. I get ratty when I’m tired.

This blog will be a catalogue. I want to capture exciting looking things going on for prices I’m not going to pay. The reposting of items I find in my blog reader is enough to keep me sated, after which I can go and walk my dogs.

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